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Many women are suffering from a disconnection with their body and their turn-on—faking orgasms and exaggerating pleasure instead of fully feeling it

Come with me, and learn how to re-wire your brain and body to have "turned on" be your new baseline experience in life

Create a ritual of making love to all the parts of yourself you thought weren’t lovable or worthy

Discover your unique sexual embodiment and watch the ripples of your inner-radiance light up your whole world

I call this awakening your erotic muse

AWAKEN On My Own (Self-Led Course)
AWAKEN With Support (Curated Group)

Awakening Your Erotic Muse:

A 6-week virtual course to turn on your inner-radiance and embody your authentic version of sexy! Do it on your own or with a curated group—groups are held 4 times per year.

Week 1:

Experience the multi-faceted diamond of your turn-on through sensual exploration of the 4 elements

How to stop thinking you "should be different"

Learn the basics of creating your own “Erotic Ritual” to amplify your natural radiance and turn-on

Wake up dormant sexual energy and increase your orgasm potential with the introduction to a 6-week yoni egg practice

Week 2:

The Sacred Muse (Air Element): Innocence

Foundation: Taoist Philosophy

Open to a more easeful flow and reconnect your sexuality to your spirituality or highest self

Reclaim your erotic innocence

Through guided practice, learn the microcosmic orbit, a taoist sexual energy cultivation technique that super-charges your ability to circulate your sexual energy which can lead to full-body, multiple orgasms

Week 3:

The Naughty Muse (Fire Element): Permission

Foundation: Jungian Depth Psychology

Learn the secret to giving yourself permission for all the sexy parts of you to play, liberating your inner sex kitten from her cultural cage

Use the guided practice of “Erotic Alchemy” to transmute the parts of yourself you have judged into your greatest resource, and channel this potent life force to amplify your power in manifesting your dreams

"I found myself in a daily practice of tapping into my sexual energy and feeling more bold, sexy, and comfortable in my body. And after months of being single and disconnected, I met someone out of the blue on my last day in Bali who I had an immediate connection with. Best part — he had just come from a tantra retreat in Tulum and was able to meet me exactly where I was. I then sat next to a cute guy on the airplane home who asked me on a date. And the night I got home to California, I finally hooked up with a guy I’d been crushing on for months. This is real life magic."


"I am completely in my body, completely in my pleasure, and fully in play--all things I never thought possible for me in sex but desperately wanted. I am a new woman. I have a completely new experience of myself. I feel like I now understand how my pleasure works and I’ve definitely turned. it. on. Working with you has given me something I've been dying for for years but had no idea how to access. I can't thank you enough."


"All the work we did on uncovering wild woman and asking her about her desires has been the foundation of this expansion. Such deep layers. I’m on fire and in a massive rebirth transformation. Feeling more embodied than ever. Your fierce warrior and innocence post supported me through a huge breakthrough and helped me access even deeper self love. My sexuality is changing and up leveling as I allow more of my innocence to guide my desire."


Week 4:

The Sensual Muse (Water Element): Self-Love

Foundation: Neuroscience

Practical ways to connect to your sensuality and fill yourself with pleasure, even when you live a very full life

Through guided yoni massage and “Erotic Body Cleansing”, de-armor your heart and yoni, liberating you to experience more turn-on in your everyday life

Week 5:

The Wild Muse (Earth Element): Power

Foundation: Psychosomatic Movement 

Learn how to feel safe in your body as a sexual being and access your primal intelligence, embodying your wild side with confidence

Embrace and amplify the power of your natural feminine rhythms through a “Womb Clearing Practice," re-connecting with nature erotically

Week 6:

Integrating The Four Erotic Muses & Creating Your Map to Living a Turned-On Life

Your body now has its own turn-on road map, and it’s time to integrate it into your daily existence

Using the 4 distinct elements (erotic muses) to design your very own “Erotic Ritual”, so your journey with pleasure can last a lifetime

Harness the power and pleasure you have cultivated over the last 6 weeks into your sex life, whether with self, with the divine, or with a partner

Meet Jamie Elizabeth Thompson

Jamie is a Holistic Sex & Intimacy Coach who teaches people all over the globe how to fully embody their erotic truth and claim the source of their true power. She has been coaching individuals and couples for over a decade.

Studying somatic embodiment psychology with Dr. Karl R. Wolfe for eight years helped Jamie develop a deep transpersonal understanding of human behavior and the communication skills necessary to embrace individual erotic truths in partnership. Furthering her education with sensual embodiment, Taoist philosophy, Tantra and sacred sexual practices helps Jamie draw on multiple influences to get the most effective results for her clients.

AWAKEN On My Own (Self-Led Course)
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